Prival | Prival Voile Straps
Prival USA / Proudly made in Salt Lake City, UT / With too many uses to count, our ski straps come included in our Daily Kit. Available for individual purchase, these bad boys are a must have in your backcountry gear arsenal.
prival voile straps splitboard ski backcountry avalanche tourniquet
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+ Strap features

Bind anything with a diameter between 5cm and 18cm
Link together for endless strapping lengths

An integral part of our Daily Kit, these ski straps secure our avalanche shovel and probe to the outside of your boots, pack, or waist for easy access. Should the worst happen you’ll have a tourniquet handy, as well as a brace when used with the kit’s moldable splint cases.

+ Specifications

Weight: 60 grams
Length: 61cm
Awesome: Yes.

+ Photos