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The avalanche kit you won't leave home without. Reduce size without compromising strength, versatility, or integrity. Continue down to see what's inside.

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+ Meet Sierra

She’s your best friend for the backcountry. Weighing only 290 grams, she will lighten your load without compromising functionality or strength.
+ Cleanly isolates snow profile pits and cuts blocks to build backcountry booters
+ Serrated edges for cutting through ice and trees
+ Collapsable shaft fits snugly inside handle and blade for supreme packability
+ Ergonomic handle for right or left handed clearing

Most importantly, she’s accessible and ready in the event of an avalanche emergency. She has the ability to cut, isolate and move large blocks from consolidated avalanche debris very quickly. Sierra wants to stick to the fun stuff though, so help us educate others and practice safe protocols in the backcountry.

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+ Specifications

Weight: 290 grams

Assembled length: 68cm
Packable Dimensions: 13.5cm W /  20cm L  / 2.5cm H

Blade: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Handle / Shaft: 7075 T9 Aluminum

+ Avalanche Probe Features

Half the size of a standard collapsed avalanche probe, Prival’s extends to 260cm long and is marked in 5cm increments for snow study. This piece sets a new standard for collapsable probe length and builds a more rigid assembly when telescoped together.

+ Collapses to 21cm in length
+ 7075 T9 Aircraft quality aluminum made in Utah

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+ Specifications

Assembled length: 260cm
Packable Dimensions: 7.5cm W / 21cm L / 2cm H
Weight: 420 grams
7075 T9 Aluminum

+ Case Features

The Daily’s shovel and probe cases can easily strap to the outside of your boots or around your waist for easy side country access and lightweight ski mountaineering. Made from aluminum, foam, and cordura, our cases also can double as puncture-proof moldable splints for serious injuries. These splints are essential to any backcountry kit, and can be used to immobilize joints, broken bones, and neck trauma as a full C-collar.

Each Daily Kit includes four 61cm custom black straps.

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+ Specifications

Sierra Shovel in Moldable C-Collar Splint Case:
Weight: 490 Grams
Closed Dimensions : 14.5cm W / 21cm L / 2.5cm H

Probe in Moldable Splint Case:
Weight: 420 Grams
Closed Dimensions: 8.5cm W / 22cm L / 2.5cm H

+ Strap features

Voile Straps have a proven track record in the mountains, with too many uses to count.
Bind anything with a diameter between 5cm and 18cm
Link together for endless strapping lengths

Each Daily Kit includes four 61cm custom black straps.
Want more? Voilé straps are available for individual purchase

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*Disclaimer: Straps are potentially too awesome to fathom, and much like children and dogs they prefer company. So bulk up. 

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+ Specifications

Weight: 60 grams
Length: 61cm
Awesome: Yes.


At Prival, we are committed to promoting safety in the mountains and minimizing our impact on the environment. Your support makes a difference: It allows us to engage and educate our community, as well as maintain responsible local production. We aim to create every product with minimal environmental impact with assurance of quality and longevity. Your satisfaction matters. We stand by our products with a lifetime warranty on manufacturer defects.  If you would like to learn more, you can reach us via facebook and